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Carmen drops a bomb on Eat My Pagan Ass in this episode!!  She's leaving the show to travel the world with some crazy band of "famous" pagans (she won't say who) doing miracles in places of need.  It's all very mysterious, and Lucky wonders if Grannylicious has anything to do with it.  Speaking of Grannylicious, EMPA fan Fire Lyte reveals a tasty tidbit of gossip -- tho we'll save most of his story for another podcast.  Lucky is distraught about what's to come...or is he?  Maybe he planned this all along.  Maybe Carmen was just getting in the way of his glory.  In the meantime, we dish about fallen fashion icon John Galliano and his wicked Nazi ways. (Shame on you, buttercup! Lay off the sauce, sober up, own up, and move on! -- Take it from Lucky, who celebrates three years of sobriety this week!)


Lucky and Carmen also share some stories of how they have both had run-ins with the po-po lately...wtf?  No one went to jail, so things are looking up.  Hope springs eternal, and well that was another lame segue -- BLESSED SPRING EQUINOX all you fan-freaking-tastic EMPA listeners!!!


SPECIAL NOTE: This episode was recorded March 3, 2011, before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan. Please send your prayers to the people and animals of that country. Also, if you can, please consider making a donation to any of the causes that are working to improve the situation in Japan. Here are two suggestions: (for the people) American Red Cross or (for the animals) Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support.

Featured Music:

"Springtime for Hitler" from "The Producers" Broadway Cast Recording

"Goodbye" from My Darkest Days

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Recorded March 3, 2011 - Published: March 22, 2011

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Blessed Yule, pagan ass eaters!! It's the winter solstice with a kick: total lunar eclipse! Whahoo! That means anything goes, and it DOES in this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast.  Lucky is a single gay pagan AGAIN (don't worry--he's okay with that) and Carmen has the hots for some guy and this time actually works up the nerve to talk to him. (It's progress, not perfection, right?)

We touch one last time (for now) on the passing of Lucky's dear friend, Glitterpussy, and the pagan implications of death and, apropos to the season, rebirth. Friends are among our most valued treasures, so treasure them! Chanukah schmooze 2010! We respond to some listener emails, which include tarot and rune readings, before heading out to Rockefeller Center to gaze upon the giant painted-up Yule tree and make fun of NYC tourists (keep coming back! we love you!) Lots of musical interludes in this episode, so enjoy!

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Yule Grinch

Featured music:

We Speak No Americano - Yolando Be Cool & DCap

I Feel Pretty - West Side Story original soundtrack recording

With a Little Help from My Friends - The Beatles

We Are a Circle - Luckylicious

Dreydl, Dreydl - Mark Eckardt, Jessica Rotter and The Dreydl Kids

Hava Nagila - London Festival Orchestra

Klezmer Waltz - Margot Leverette & the Klezmer Mountain Boys

Christmas Day in the Morning - Shira Kammen*

Carol of the Bells - Celtic Woman

Baby Elephant Walk - Al Caiola/Billy May

Spear Burn - Belief Systems*

Talk Box - Belief Systems*

Deep House - Belief Systems*

Electro Jive - Belief Systems*

Apple Tree Wassail - Shira Kammen*

The Holly Bears a Berry - Shira Kammen*

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

*Courtesy www.magnatune.com

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Recorded December 4, 2010 Aired December 21, 2010

Happy solstice, everybody!

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Carmen & Lucky welcome you to our 34th episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast. This episode started off innocently enough -- responding to listener emails, talking about our days and our Samhain plans, and then POOF Grannylicious appears out of thin air and the shit hits the fan. The millennia-long feud between Carmen and Granny comes to a pivotal turning point, and worlds hang in the balance as these two ancient ladies level their wands at one another, and Lucky must use every last ounce of his political negotiation skills to keep them from pulling their hair triggers.

eat my pagan ass pagan pumpkin

Featured artist: Mannheim Steamroller Special Guest: Grannylicious

Recorded October 26, 2010 Aired: October 31, 2010

Blessed Samhain!

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In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast, Carmen Kickass lashes back at Grannylicious (aka Voldegranny), but short of starting a witch war proceeds with caution because she's truly scared of the evil that Granny can do (and has done), least of all the murder of Carmen's beloved parakeet Paco (R.I.P.)! Lucky doesn't want to get caught in the crossfire and changes the subject to more fun topics, like Sex and Beltane and Maypoles (ahem). But first -- the Vatican is at it again, deflecting responsibility for its sex abuse scandals by blaming homosexuality instead of its unnatural policy of priestly celibacy. Nice try, lump heads. Carmen and Lucky respond to TONS of listener emails about coming out of the broom closet, Project Pagan Enough, high priestesses who can't get over themselves, and more candle magic.

Dead Paco the Parakeet

Featured Pagan Blog: Project Pagan Enough

Featured Musical Artist: Ocean Lab - Siren Song - I Am What I Am

Episode 29 recorded April 17, 2010, New York City

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In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass podcast, Lucky's notoriously rambunctious grandmother, a.k.a. Grannylicious, has flown in from goddess knows where in order to appear on the podcast -- at 93 years old, this makes her the oldest living human being (at least we think she's human) to podcast. Carmen refuses to be in her presence, which is just as well -- Granny lobs some rather contentious accusations at Carmen, and makes some outrageous claims to fame, which Lucky finds hard to swallow, including everything from being the broom flying coach for the Harry Potter movies to going over Niagara Falls in a barrel while being a member of the Canadian mounted police. As whenever family comes to visit, a lot of shit from the past rises to the surface, and Lucky can barely handle it. Grannylicious makes a shocking revelation about her past that you'll never believe.

Granny Potter

Featured artist: Dar Williams, "Christians and the Pagans"

Episode 28 recorded April 3, 2010, NYC

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