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Gay pagans, gay gods, sex magick, frolicking in the forest, and MORE!


Lucky interviews the notoriously fabulous (or is that fabulously notorious?) Ocymvio, a gay pagan who's made his home in NYC and has brought quite a big of magick and fellowship to the gay pagan community there. Founder of the NYC Gay Men's Open Pagan Magick Circle, gypsy born, Minoan Brotherhood member, fashion designer, tarot reader, regular attendee at Between the Worlds and Short Mountain Sanctuary, and all around groovy guy, Ocymvio shares his experiences as a gay pagan and how he puts a little swish into his "Walking the Talk." This episode was recorded at Beltane, so there's a bit of friskiness and quite a lot of vulgarity -- served up just how you badass pagans love to hear it!

See Ocymvio's fashion designs on the web at Gypsycamp Clothing.

Other links featured in this podcast:

Christopher Penczak's Blog: Gay Gods

Magickal Realms in the Bronx, NY

Gay Sex Magick group on Tribe.net

Recorded May 7, 2011 ++ Published August 3, 2011

Music Credits

Don't Be Gay - Chase Pagan

Beltane - Dream Catcher - Ashtar Ron Allen

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