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Blessed Yule, pagan ass eaters!! It's the winter solstice with a kick: total lunar eclipse! Whahoo! That means anything goes, and it DOES in this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast.  Lucky is a single gay pagan AGAIN (don't worry--he's okay with that) and Carmen has the hots for some guy and this time actually works up the nerve to talk to him. (It's progress, not perfection, right?)

We touch one last time (for now) on the passing of Lucky's dear friend, Glitterpussy, and the pagan implications of death and, apropos to the season, rebirth. Friends are among our most valued treasures, so treasure them! Chanukah schmooze 2010! We respond to some listener emails, which include tarot and rune readings, before heading out to Rockefeller Center to gaze upon the giant painted-up Yule tree and make fun of NYC tourists (keep coming back! we love you!) Lots of musical interludes in this episode, so enjoy!

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Yule Grinch

Featured music:

We Speak No Americano - Yolando Be Cool & DCap

I Feel Pretty - West Side Story original soundtrack recording

With a Little Help from My Friends - The Beatles

We Are a Circle - Luckylicious

Dreydl, Dreydl - Mark Eckardt, Jessica Rotter and The Dreydl Kids

Hava Nagila - London Festival Orchestra

Klezmer Waltz - Margot Leverette & the Klezmer Mountain Boys

Christmas Day in the Morning - Shira Kammen*

Carol of the Bells - Celtic Woman

Baby Elephant Walk - Al Caiola/Billy May

Spear Burn - Belief Systems*

Talk Box - Belief Systems*

Deep House - Belief Systems*

Electro Jive - Belief Systems*

Apple Tree Wassail - Shira Kammen*

The Holly Bears a Berry - Shira Kammen*

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

*Courtesy www.magnatune.com

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Recorded December 4, 2010 Aired December 21, 2010

Happy solstice, everybody!

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Carmen & Lucky are back from another cracked NYC adventure -- this time, they encounter a crew of blue-painted Avatar wannabes at the movie theater. Truly sad... But the movie Avatar is absolutely amazing and YOU MUST GO SEE IT! Practically a religious experience for pagans.


Oh, and we talk about Yule Yule Yule, and all the crazy things people do (or neglect to do) during this most delicious and festive time of the year. And watch out for the crazy Yule Goat of Finland!

Yule Goat

Have a blessed Yule!!

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Happy freakin’ Yule, beyotches!

Yule 2009

O.M.Gods! It's YULE again! The wheel is turning faster than a Chelsea crystal twink turns tricks to score crank.  Carmen & I are busy busy busy preparing for the festivities ahead.  Meanwhile, we wanted to ask you all: what's your Yuletide wish this year?  Let us know (like, soon) by posting a comment here or emailing us at eatmypaganass@gmail.com.  Those of you with particularly wild wishes just might hear them mentioned on the podcast (we're recording the Yule episode tomorrow, so ya gotta be quick about it!)

In the meantime, I HAD to get another picture up on this blog. I couldn't stand looking at the damn turkey ass any longer.

Blessed Yule, beyotches,

xxx Lucky xxx

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