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Lucky interviews pagan musical artist, tantric instructor, and best friend, Glitterpussy. Glitter shares her thoughts on living life to the fullest, self-acceptance and body image, musical influences, pagan festivals, American paganism, fundamentalism, marriage to the love her of life, vulture housewives in grocery store parking lots, abortion, pagan parenting, polyamory, tantra and breathwork, kitchen witchery, and more! Lots of Glitter's original music featured, including: Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Skinny, Swallow, Worst Case Scenario, as well as impromtu fireside covers of Aborchun (Jammin'), and With a Little Help from My Friends. Photos throughout of this fabulous and gorgeously magical woman.


Glitterpussy at Starwood Bonfire

Featured artist: Glitterpussy

EXTRA: check out the YouTube video of Glitter's pagan wedding at the Starwood pagan festival in summer 2009!

Recorded August 7, 2010 Aired: December 15, 2010

Email: eatmypaganass@gmail.com

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/eatmypaganass

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So Carmen and I met up last night and she had a GREAT idea: Eat My Pagan Ass needs to be on YouTube. It's a perfect way to get our Bad Ass Pagan Theater episodes out there (boy, have we got some wild plans for this, our most popular segment!) So, we've extracted episode BAPT#1 from EMPA podcast #9 and published it as a stand-alone video. I'm curious to see if it will be flagged or otherwise pulled down.

Be sure to get over to YouTube, subscribe to our video channel, and leave some comments & rate our videos. We're building a community here and the more you contribute to it the more we hope you'll get out of it.

Check it out!

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